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Tevali Partners contributes to the 2019 Panorama of Cleantechs

Tevali Partners, a prominent player in financial advisory for the energy transition sector, made a significant contribution to the 2019 Panorama of Cleantechs, a comprehensive report produced by GreenUnivers and EY. This publication aims to dissect the notable advancements of public policies, key industry players, and major sectors driving the global energy transition. Tevali Partners' involvement in this project highlights their commitment to staying at the forefront of industry trends and providing valuable insights to the renewable energy community.

In France, the performance of mature renewable energy sources, particularly solar power, has declined significantly.This changing landscape has prompted infrastructure funds to diversify their investment portfolios by exploring new countries and sectors, such as energy storage and mobility. By expanding their scope beyond traditional renewable energies, investors aim to secure adequate returns and mitigate market risks.

"To regain margins, we are also seeing the emergence of mixed-energy projects, combining, for example, solar power and a complementary solution, thus offering a better return on market risk," notes Michael Tobelem, founding partner.

The 2019 Panorama of Cleantechs provided a comprehensive overview of the latest developments in the energy transition sector. Tevali Partners' contribution showcases their expertise and commitment to the renewable energy industry. By decoding evolutions in energy transition and highlighting the importance of diversification into new countries and sectors, the financial advisory boutique provides invaluable insights to investors and industry players and remains at the forefront of industry trends.

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