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Tevali Partners in GreenUnivers: “Wind energy: Tevali forecasts an acceleration of the pace of transactions”

GreenUnivers, a prominent French-language Green Business magazine, recently featured Tevali Partners' Wind Report, a comprehensive document that provides an overview of the French onshore wind market. Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, the report highlights significant trends that remain relevant in the industry.

One of the key aspects highlighted in the GreenUnivers article is Tevali Partners' economic forecasting elements. The report's analysis presents a perspective on the future of the French onshore wind market, predicting a shift towards market consolidation and rationalization. Tevali Partners foresees a decrease in tariffs, which implies a potential decrease in profitability for both investors and selling developers. This projected decline in profitability is attributed to increasing competition within the market. As a result, the report suggests that these factors will drive a concentration of the onshore wind market, with a smaller number of more established players dominating the industry.

GreenUnivers' coverage of Tevali Partners' Wind Report highlights the significance of the document in understanding the French onshore wind market. The report's economic forecasting elements and insights into future market consolidation provide valuable information to industry professionals, investors, and developers. This article further underscores the reputation of Tevali Partners as a trusted advisor and thought leader in the renewable energy industry.

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