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Tevali Partners publishes its Q4 2021 deal-tracking resource

Every year, Tevali Partners publishes several resources to help industry professionals keep track of the public M&A transactions and project finance operations in the energy transition sector. Our expert team gathers information on hundreds of european deals and summarizes it in a document: doing this work allows us to stay on top of any new developments and trends, and we’re happy to make it freely-available to help other professionals and organizations.

In the last quarter of 2021, our team noted that Spain (2.6 GW) and Italy (1.9 GW) were the countries that dominated M&A transactions in the wind sector by far, in terms of capacity. They were followed by France (429 MW) and Germany (370 MW).

In the solar photovoltaic sector, Germany took the first spot, with deals for over 2.4 GW of capacity, followed by Spain (1.4 GW) and Italy (929 MW).

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