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Pierre Mastalski shared his inspiring journey with Tevali's team

On July 19, 2023, our team had the opportunity to meet Pierre Mastalski. This "adventurer of enterprise and the sea" shared with us the incredible story of his solo crossing of the Atlantic on a rowboat, whose water purification system was powered by a small photovoltaic module.

This is a powerful symbol of the revolutionary potential of renewable energies, but also of personal achievement and determination. Pierre Mastalski has been a companion on Tevali's journey for over a decade: in 2012, when he was looking for sponsors for his odyssey, we supported him in preparing for his extraordinary journey, which eventually took him from Dakar to Cayenne in 42 days at sea. His commitment aligns with our own values and continues to provide inspiration to our team.

To mark this event, we organized a summer drink, bringing together current and former Tevali employees, to share this memorable meeting together.